Angel’s Aisle (Pridel Angela) (2009) – An orthodox movie, in the manner of „Ostrov”

Se poate viziona AICI, subtitrat in engleza.

Grand-prix and diplomas „For impressive implementation of spirituality renaissance theme” and „Faith miracle – for profound research of the orthodox shrine spiritual essence ”
at „Luchezarny angel” (Radiant angel) international charity film festival in Moscow (2008)

Awards :

Diploma Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Russia, 2008

First prize Film Festival : „Luchezarnyy angel”, Russia, 2008

First prize Historical Film Festival, Russia, 2008

Plot synopsis

After the October Revolution a small island with orthodox monastery is passed to Finland. The Finn Army places there an executive staff of coast artillery. The Soviet command sends to the island a former priest’s son and now soviet commissar Maxim Proshin. He is to wriggle way into the island as a novice and murder one of the high rank Finnish military man. Maxim will have to pass a way of penance and mental rebirth to find himself and achieve self actualization.

Despre Liviu

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  1. mihai says:

    nici unul din linkuri nu functioneaza
    scuze dar stie cineva de ce?

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