„This is the Day” The Biblical Doctrine of the Christian Sunday in its Jewish and Early Church Setting

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by Roger T. Beckwith and Wilfrid Stott

London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, 1978

Reproduced by kind permission of Dr Roger T. Beckwith

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Introduction vii
Part I The Biblical and Jewish Evidence by R.T. Beckwith
1 The Memorial of the World’s Creation 2
2 The Memorial of Israel’s Redemption 13
3 The Memorial of Christ’s Resurrection 30
4 The Continuity between the Sabbath and the Lord’s Day 43
Part II The Evidence of the Fathers by W. Stott
5 The Attitude to the Sabbath in Patristic Thought 50
6 The Early Church and Sunday: a Whole Day? 58
7 The Early Church and Sunday: What Sort of Day? 62
8 Eusebius of Caesarea and the Christian Sunday 75
9 How Christians Spent the Lord’s Day 84
10 The Theology of the Christian Sunday: The First Day 104
11 The Theology of the Christian Sunday: The Lord’s Day 112
12 The Theology of the Christian Sunday: The Eighth Day 117
13 The Attitude of the Early Church to the Ten Commandments 125
14 Conclusion 140
Notes 145
Bibliography 165
Abbreviations 169
Index of Biblical References 171
Index of Jewish Writings 175
Index of Patristic Writings 177

General Index

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