”At The Master’s Feet” by Sadhu Sundar Singh

At the young age of fifteen, Sundar Singh received a vision of Christ and converted from his native Hinduism to Christianity. After his conversion,he became a sadhu–an ascetic or holy man–and for the next twenty-five years, until his death, he preached the gospel. At the Master’s Feet is a remarkable collection of Sundar Singh‘s visions from God, organized in a dialogue between the „Disciple” (Sundar Singh) and the „Master” (God). He includes in this uncomplicated dialogue profound teachings revealed to him from God. These teachings focus on the important practical aspects of Christianity–sin, salvation, prayer, service, etc.–rather than obscure or arcane theological discussions. Truly inspirational, At the Master’s Feet reflects the depth of Sadhu Sundar Singh’s dedication, and can encourage such dedication in all of its readers.

Despre viziunile lui Sundar Sing puteti citi in romana AICI

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