John Wesley – o viata pentru misiunea crestina

The Methodist church then exploded across the American continent in much the same way that it had swept through England and Scotland. The traditions of open-air services and circuit-riding preachers fit perfectly with the American frontier. The Methodists weren’t chained to church buildings or old forms. It was a new faith for a new nation. And it didn’t hurt that Francis Asbury, the first Methodist bishop ordained in America, had been an outspoken supporter of the American Revolution. In Kentucky and pushing westward, „camp meetings” became all the rage. Settlers would gather from miles around to sing and pray and hear some circuit-rider (usually a Methodist) preach the Word–thus developed a uniquely American form of worship. By 1830, Methodists formed the largest denomination in the U.S.

John Wesley died in 1791, possibly the most important Englishman of the eighteenth century. Through the extended influence of people like Whitefield and Asbury, he was exceptionally important to America as well.

John Wesley’s Big Impact on America

Cat ii este de datoare America si lumea intreaga acestui constiincios predicator crestin numai vesnicia va arata…

He [John Wesley] is commemorated in the Calendar of Saints of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on 2 March with his brother Charles. The Wesley brothers are also commemorated on 3 March in the Calendar of Saints of the Episcopal Church and on 24 May in the Anglican calendar.

He was recently listed at 50 on the BBC’s list of the 100 Greatest Britons.


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