John Calvin’s Morning Prayer

Grant that we may hear thy voice in the morning, since we have hoped in thee. Show us the way in which we should walk, since we have lifted our souls unto thee. Deliver us from our enemies, O Lord; we have fled to thee. Teach us to do thy will, for thou art our God. Let thy good Spirit lead us in the right way.
O God, our Father and Savior, who of thy goodness has watched over us during the past night, and brought us to this day, grant also that we may spend it wholly in thy service. Let us not think, or say, or do a single thing that does not tend to thy service and submission to thy will, that thus all our actions may aim in the glory of thy name and the salvation of our brethren. And as thou do give the light of the sun to this world, so enlighten our minds and hearts by thy Spirit that he may guide us in the way of thy righteousness.
To whatever purpose we apply our minds, may the end and the intention be thy honor and service. May we expect happiness only from thy goodness. Let us not attempt anything, O God, that is not pleasing to thee. Grant us also, Lord, that while we labor for the maintenance of this life and its concerns, we may raise our minds above them to the blessed and heavenly life, which thou hast promised to thy children.
Be please also, in manifesting thyself to us as our Protector, to strengthen us against the assaults of the devil, and deliver us from all the dangers which continually beset us in this life. But seeing it is a small thing to have begun well unless we also persevere, we entreat thee, O Lord, to be our Guide and Directors not only for this day for the days of our lives. Increase the gifts of thy grace until we wholly adhere to thy Son Jesus Christ, who is the true Sun lighting our minds. IN order that we may obtain from thee these great and manifold blessings, forget, and out of thy infinite mercy, forgive our offenses, as thou has promised that thou will do to those who call upon thee with a sincere heart. Through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.


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