The Jewel of Creation

As God was nearing the completion of creation, an announcement was made in heaven. “I wish to create a creature who will appreciate all that has been made,” God said. “I will call this creature: human. These creatures will have intellect, reason, and understanding.”
Then Truth came before the Almighty and said, “O God, I urge you to reconsider creating a being who is capable of lying. If you do, there will most certainly be deception and fraud let loose upon the world.”
Next, Peace came near. “O God, I echo the sentiments of Truth. Let the Almighty reconsider creating a creature who is capable of upsetting the tranquillity of the earth. No doubt, if they are created, there will be revenge and war, there will be bloodshed and destruction.”
Soon thereafter, Love came near, and in a soft voice said, “O God, may you not forget that any being created in your image has the capacity to perform great and noble deeds. With your Spirit, these beings will be able to shelter one another, care for the sick and lonely, and will no doubt bring glory to you in their capacity to love deeply.”

And so it was that, although God heard the voices of Truth and Peace, it was the voice of Love that prevailed in the creation of humanity.
There are moments when every person is aware of the human bent toward violence and destruction. One need only read the daily newspaper or watch the evening news to see examples.
But there are moments equal to, if not greater than these truths, when we glimpse the amazing quality of love among people—acts of selflessness, acts of heroism and sacrifice. These are the better angels of our nature.
This unique parable places God at the center of love’s persuasion, making all things possible, including the creation of the world. The story reminds us that not even the Creator is exempt from seeing the power of love and that love is, first and foremost, a reason to continue with any endeavor.
Truth may change minds; peace may change the world; but only love has the power to change the human heart, making truth and peace possible.

Candles in the Dark – A Treasury of the World’s Most Inspiring Parables

Despre Liviu
Crestin, absolvent al unei facultati de teologie (protestanta). Pasionat de Biblie, carte buna, muzica buna, film bun,alte bunatati... si teologie comparata si istoria Bisericii. De orientare teologica Wesley-ana, simpatizant al paleo-ortodoxiei.

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