Despre sabat

The seventh day brought a cessation of God’s original creative activity. Whether the day of rest is to be thought of as a continuing period into the present, as far as the type of creativity exercised during the six days is concerned, or whether God renewed His creativity in some sense after a day or period of rest, is not made clear. “Finished” (2:1, 2) at least indicates that the original, basic work was done. But He used His own experience and example as the basis for establishing a pattern of six days of work followed by one of rest for man. A special reverence for the seventh day seems to have existed from the beginning of the human race, and has been observed by scholars and travelers among the ancient Persians, Indians, Teutons, Greeks, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and the primitive tribes of Africa and the Americas. All of this witnesses to the truth of the biblical record and its account of the original institution of the Sabbath. Men have wandered far from God in many ways and have corrupted His commandments, but here is one commandment which still casts feeble rays of light in the darkest places.25

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