Un incident din 12 oct. 1988: papa numit „antihrist” in Parlamentul european

Ian Richard Kyle Paisley (6 aprilie 1926) este un om politic nord-irlandez şi britanic, membru al Parlamentului European în perioadele 1979-1984, 1984-1989, 1989-1994, 1994-1999 şi 1999-2004.

A fost al treilea prim ministru al Irlandei de Nord si este membru marcant al Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.

In 1988, when Pope John Paul II delivered a speech to the European Parliament, Paisley shouted „I Denounce you as the AntiChrist!” and held up a red poster reading „Pope John Paul II ANTICHRIST” in black letters. John Paul continued with his address after Paisley was ejected from the hemicycle by fellow MEPs.[7][8][9][10] Some reports claimed that other MEPs assisted in expelling him from the chamber [11], and that Paisley was booed and struck by other MEPs, who also hurled objects at him, leading to his hospitalisation[12][13]. The elderly Otto von Habsburg helped to wrestle Paisley out of the room. It has been reported that Paisley brought several posters with him and when a poster was snatched away, he immediately re-commenced with a new poster[13]

Paisley continued to denounce the Catholic Church and the Pope after the incident. In a television interview for The Unquiet Man, a 2001 documentary on Paisley’s life, he expressed his pride at being the only person to have the courage to denounce the Pope. After the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005, Paisley expressed sympathy for Catholics stating „We can understand how Roman Catholics feel at the death of the Pope and we would want in no way to interfere with their expression of sorrow and grief at this time.”[14] This was in contrast to Paisley’s reaction to the death of Pope John XXIII in June 1963, when Paisley organised protests against the lowering of flags in public buildings after the death of the Pope .[15]

He has claimed in an article that the seat no. 666 in the European Parliament is reserved for the Antichrist.[16] His website also praises Slobodan Milošević, whom it claims was fighting a Vatican plot to destroy the Serbian Orthodox Church, and that „all Milosevic did was to lead the Serbs in their attempt to safeguard 1500 years of their heritage with the horrors and injustices of their World War II genocide ever before them.”[17]

Nu stiam de acest incident si am fost oarecum surprins gasind inregistrarea. Stau si ma intreb cat de inteleapta este o asemenea iesire (isterica?) „in decor” fie si din partea unui protestant sadea. Papo-fobia poate avea justificari istorice, dar isi au locul „in peisaj” asemenea „spectacole” ? Unii protestanti au mentinut si mentin o atitudine extrem de critica la adresa Vaticanului plecand de la Inchizitie si rugurile Evului Mediu. Martirii nu se uita usor si nici nu merita uitati. Dar se justifica acest gen zgomotos de manifestare? Mai ales astazi, cand o buna parte a protestantilor sunt varful de lance al atacurilor la adresa valorilor crestine biblic-traditionale (dreptul la viata, de exemplu) in timp ce catolicii sunt aparatorii acelorasi valori biblice, culmea, altadata aparate de protestanti.

Nu sustin ca Roma ar fi renuntat catusi de putin la pretentiile de hegemonie internationala in numele Crucii. Impartasesc suspiciunile serioase ale lui Dostoievski vis-a-vis de  „Marele Inchizitor”. Insa nu se poate nega ca totusi catolicismul s-a mai schimbat in bine, fie si numai daca ne gandim la raportul cu Biblia al laicului supus papei.

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