Ancient Christian Devotional – Lectionary Cycle A


In seria lectionarelor semnalez o aparitie fascinanta: Ancient Christian Devotional – Lectionary Cycle A .

Un devotional pe baza scrierile crestine antice, ale vechilor crestini.

” By helping us to read holy writings with ancient eyes, the church fathers help us drink deeply from the only water that can give us true life. This guide to prayer and reflection combines excerpts from the writings of the church fathers as found in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture with a simple structure for daily or weekly reading and prayer.

There are fifty-two weeks of readings following the weekly lectionary cycle A. You can read through them in order or by thematic interest. Each day you will also find a simple opening and closing prayer drawn from the prayers and hymns of the ancient church. ”

Un exemplu:

W e e k 1 N o v e m b e r 2 7 – D e c e m b e r 3

Scripture tells us that we are forgiven! It calls us to walk in the light of the Lord (Is 2:1-5), to pray for peace (Ps 122) and to keep watch for Christ’s return (Mt 24:36-44), putting aside our deeds of darkness and living in the light (Rom 13:11-14). In this season of Advent, we celebrate the Child who is the Light. We thank God for forgiveness of sins and reaffirm our desire to walk with the Lord.

First Sunday in Advent
God is peace, the principle of all kinds of communion. Let us extol peace with songs of peaceful praise. It is God-who-is-Peace who brings all things into unity, who is the cause of every agreement, who is the author of all harmony. [Amen.] Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite

Christ the Mountain.AUGUSTINE:
The central place they are all coming to is Christ; he is at the center, because he is equally related to all; anything placed in the center is common to all. . . . Approach the mountain, climb up the mountain, and you that climb it, do not go down it. There you will be safe, there you will be protected; Christ is your mountain of refuge. And where is Christ? At the right hand of the Father, since he has ascended into heaven. Sermon 62A.3. (CONTINUAREA)

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Lectionarul crestin

” Lecţionar = de la termenul latinesc care înseamnă „culegere, antologie“, colecţie de fragmente din Scriptură care trebuie citite („lecţiuni“) şi de alte materiale liturgice, folosite în închinarea publică şi în devoţiunea personală. Lecţionarele, aranjate şi folosite adesea după calendarele ecleziastice sau seculare, îşi au originea în Biserica Primară. Printre altele, lecţionarele creştine timpurii constituie dovezi utile cercetătorilor care încearcă să reconstituie textul grecesc timpuriu al Bibliei.” Dicţionar de studii biblice

In limba romana:

Varianta ortodoxa: Lecţionar – din Biblia Sinodala Jubiliara 2001 ( Anania Bartolomeu)

Varianta catolica:  Lectionarul roman,5 vol. , in format Pdf, cu tehnoredactarea originală, publicat de Editura Presa Buna, Iasi 2000 sau INDICE LITURGIC DE LECTURI anexa la Noul Testament – versiunea catolica a editurii Sapientia

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